History of Dread Pirate Rollers

What is Roller Derby?

Training Locations

Dread Pirate Rollers: The Inconceivables at The Great Southern Slam 2016


We are a swash buckling women’s roller derby league located South of Perth in Western Australia. Many of our skaters are based in Rockingham, Kwinana, Armada, and surrounding areas, but we have women and men joining us from all over Perth metro and surrounds! We have over 50 members including skaters and volunteers of all levels.

Photo by Matthew Boggs: The Inconceivables at Boom State Clash 2016

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive league that is passionate, driven and inspirational. We train hard and we are dedicated to promoting the sport of roller derby as an empowering sport for all skaters, regardless of experience or skill level.

Bree, Milli, Bruise, and Georgia at the WFTDA officiating clinic March 2017

We are not just a roller derby league, we are also a family. In addition to our rewarding training sessions we are also committed to contributing to the local community through fundraising as well as supporting our members with a safe environment where every individual matters. A family friendly league, DPR is well known for our big smiles, our easy going nature and our willingness to learn from every experience. We love our sport, we love our community, and we want to share it with you!

Photo by Matthew Boggs: The Inconceivables (at Wayward Rollers v. Inconceivables 2017)