The Brute Squad

Brute Squad logo

In 2015 the Brute Squad had a score to settle, and though they came close to winning the home season it was the Eels that once more snatched victory. The 2015 roster carried a lot of the same skaters from the inaugural season, with some extra additions:

  • Ba$h (Captain)
  • Bruiser von Basher (Vice Captain)
  • Raykee
  • Maims Da Kill
  • Eris Dueller
  • Phoenix DeMauler
  • VenoMiss
  • Mel Bent
  • Rebel Wheelson
  • Handy Mandy
  • Princess Pinebox
  • Disco Biskit
  • Break ‘er Legs
  • TiTanium
  • Pritchface
  • Redire Wrecked (BENCH)
  • Steve Halt (BENCH)

In 2014 the Brute Squad debuted as one of DPR’s two home teams. With limited DPR numbers, our roster consisted of both DPR and ring-in skaters from outside leagues. The 2014 roster was:

  • Corky Screw (Captain)
  • Eris Dueller
  • Phoenix deMaul’er
  • Dirty KO
  • Raykee
  • VenoM
  • Maims daKill
  • Sky SkraypeHer
  • Ba$h N Carrie
  • 2Katty
  • Sunova Mitch
  • SMAK
  • Morgan Wildchild
  • Mel Bent (BENCH)
  • Steve Halt (BENCH)