Become a Dread Pirate Roller!


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We don’t have any upcoming information nights, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join us!

We are always accepting new members, both on- and off-skates. If you’re interested in joining, please email us  at  or message our facebook page

These nights are a great opportunity to learn all about roller derby and what’s involved. Meet the club, ask the members questions, check out the venue, and find out what this exciting and empowering full contact sport is all about!

You do not need to be interested in full contact skating to become a part of roller derby. There are many non-contact and off-skates roles that are absolutely vital to our game.

Referees are skaters who don the black and white stripes to ensure the rules of roller derby are upheld, and that all participants are safe.

Non-skating Officials (NSO’s) play a similar role to referees, helping roller derby run smoothly, however they are not on skates.

There’s a position for everyone aboard our pirate ship!