Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never skated before, can I still join?
Yes!  Some of our members had never strapped on a pair of skates before their first training session, and others had competed as artistic skaters and  roller hockey players. There is room for every type of skater at DPR!  We are here to coach and mentor you, wherever you’re at.

How much does it cost?
Your first session is free!  If you'd like to proceed, insurance ($70) and membership ($50) fees are paid once a year; this will cover you for injury and give you access to our Facebook members group.  Then it’s $10 per session, or $8 if you pre-purchase a 10 session card (which is stamped by the Attendance Officer each session you attend).

What if I can’t make all the sessions?
Just come to the ones you can!  We understand with work, family and life attending two sessions every week can sometimes be a bit of a stretch.  As a bout-cleared player, minimum attendance at DPR is 60% to make the team.

Is it okay if I bring my kids?
Yes!  Many of us are parents and understand the challenges that come along with it.  You’re welcome to bring your child along, provided they stay off the track.  There will often be a couple of kids in the lounge area at our Kwinana venue watching TV or playing on their iPads.

I’m very unfit, how competitive is it?
We have members of all fitness levels at DPR.  Most of us joined to get fitter, right?  Derby is a great form of motivation to exercise more and build up your strength and endurance for games.

What gear do I need for my first session?
Bring your own gear along if you have it, otherwise we have a number of secondhand skates, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards and helmets in our locker which you are welcome to borrow until you buy your own.  You will need your own mouthguard though, which you can purchase through us ($45 Sisu) or bring along.

Will I get hit?
New skaters in roller derby are often referred to by the term ‘Fresh Meat’, but don’t let that scare you! We love our freshies here at DPR and be assured we will take great care of your tenderloins.  You won't be thrown in the deep end; we will make sure you are confident on your skates before teaching you how to safely give and take a hit.

How long will it be before I'm playing roller derby?
Everyone's journey is different and there's no expectation for you to catch up or keep up with others.  As a freshie, you will be aiming to pass 'minimum skills' before being put in a pack situation.  Then as a rookie, you will train with advanced as you prepare for your first scrim.  On average, it takes a year to become bout-cleared.  Want to progress faster?  The more training sessions you attend, the more practise you are getting in.

I missed the Freshie Info Night, do I have to wait until the next one?
Nope - we have an open door policy all year round!  If you’re keen to jump right into our freshie program, hit up our Freshmeat Coordinator and we’ll get you started!

How old are the players?
We welcome all ages (18+) and currently have members between 25 and 65 with the majority being mid to late thirties.  Age is just a number though – if you want this, get it!

Where can I watch a game?
There are a number of roller derby leagues across Western Australia and we mostly advertise upcoming games on our Facebook pages.  Major tournaments like Boom State Clash (Perth) and The Great Southern Slam (Adelaide) see leagues verse each other, while home games are smaller and more regular gatherings throughout the year.

You are a co-ed league, but I don’t see any male skaters in the photos?
We love roller derby and think everyone should be able to play!  DPR started as a women's league but in recent years became co-ed and we are still working on getting the word out there. Currently, we have a handful of male members and don't yet have enough experienced players to compete as a mixed team regularly.  DPR is an all-inclusive league and more interested in how kind and respectful you are, not your gender.