Age: 37

Occupation: Social Trainer (Disabilities)

Non-derby hobbies: Fostering dogs for SAFE, going to the doggy beach a lot and hanging out with my children. I can waste a whole day just patting my Charlie dog!

Tell us about your derby name. It’s a play on my own name and was my nickname pre derby. I used to be a rollerblader at skate parks; Kassaroll eventuated from that. I did play around with names that sounded tougher but it wasn’t me!

What’s the story behind your number? My favourite number is 2, so 22 was my natural pick. I’m not even sure why number 2 is my favourite!  It’s the first even number. I don’t like odd numbers! And I was born in ’82.

How did you discover roller derby? I discovered roller derby through my friend Randy, she had been trying to get me to try it out for years, and once my youngest was old enough I decided to come along. I fell in love with the sport immediately!

How long have you been with DPR? Joined DPR July 2018

What skating experience did you have when you joined? I had rollerskates as a child and was always on them.  When I was a young adult I got into rollerblading; I hung around some of my brother’s mates who skateboarded. I ended up going to skate parks by myself quite frequently for a couple years, skating the ramps, until I collided with a skateboarder and broke a rib. This shattered my confidence and I stopped rollerblading.  Didn't put skates on again until I joined DPR.

What do you love about DPR… what keeps you here? I love the inclusiveness and support at DPR.  Everyone is welcoming and so eager to help one another learn. When I first joined, Rebel was coaching and she was soooo attentive and encouraging.  The praise when I accomplished something did wonders for my self esteem.

Favourite derby moment so far? I loved getting lead jammer the first time I wore the star in a game. I had doubted myself a lot before that, thinking I wasn’t strong enough, so it really helped my confidence. A couple of my favourite off-skate moments are the road trips to tournaments, the laughs and conversations shared with my teamies and the sense of belonging.

Biggest obstacle you’ve overcome? I have always struggled with accepting my body image, I’ve never been happy with it.  But since playing roller derby, being surrounded by women who make no apologies for their shape and even using what they have to their advantage, my own self acceptance has grown immensely. I’m fit and healthy in body and mind, which I owe to roller derby.  It’s amazing how much more you get out of roller derby than just a sport.  It really has changed my life.

What advice do you have for a new skater? Never be afraid of asking questions, numerous times to various skaters. The way one skater explains something might not click for you, but the next skater may teach it in a way that helps it fall into place. We all have our own unique derby journey but we are 100% in it together.