Pina Collider

Age: 31

Occupation: I'm a hairdresser. My dream job is to be a midwife.

Non-derby hobbies: I love camping, fishing and crafts.  I’ve been known to do a bit of maintenance on my car… replace my radiator, that sort of thing.  I just like to get my hands dirty.  I also love travelling. I follow the sun and tropical weather. I like to go to small islands just off of Bali.

Tell us about your derby name.  I really struggled finding a name. Started thinking about things I like and booze was up there... LOL. My favourite cocktail is a Pina Colada and managed to derby-it-up a bit by changing colada to 'collide her'.

What’s the story behind your number? My number is 88. Eight is my lucky number… I use it at the casino. It’s my star sign, I love astrology.

How did you discover roller derby? A friend of a friend who I met at a party played. She tried to talk me into starting. I was really keen after the chat but became pregnant soon after. Then I saw a DPR freshmeat night advertised on Facebook a year or so later and had to go and check it out. So glad I did. From my first training session I was hooked and coming every week. Even found myself counting down the hours until training started!

How long have you been with DPR? A year and a half

What skating experience did you have when you joined? I went to skating rinks as a kid. I remember Mum forcing me to have a break for lunch when I didn't want to stop!

What do you love about DPR… what keeps you here?  I'm so proud to be a part of DPR. I love the family feel. I was nervous about starting a team sport on my own, but all the nerves melted away when I met everyone. I love the Circle of Love. It's such an awesome way to end the training session - reflecting on the session and complimenting each other’s efforts, all while having a laugh too. It helps us to feel closer as a team.

Favourite derby moment so far? Definitely my first game! The nerves were unbelievable... But after the first jam the nerves disappeared. I loved all the support I had from my friends, family and teammates. I even found the opposing team to be encouraging! I'll never forget how amazing I felt after the game, couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

Biggest obstacle you’ve overcome? The fear of falling. Everyone falls, even the most experienced skaters. I'm still a bit scared of falling but nowhere near as much. Practising safe falling helped, and doing the ‘dickhead drill'.  It's a drill where you throw yourself around to try and make yourself fall. It's actually a lot harder to do than you think. When I did fall, I just got back up.

What advice do you have for a new skater? GET LOW! The lower you are, the more stable you are. Also, the lower you are, the safer your fall. Be patient with yourself and also be persistent. You will get there.