Age: 34

Occupation: Teacher (Primary)

Non-derby hobbies: Oh my! Where do I start? I like to write, it’s a way to get my insides outside! One day if I am lucky, I will have the time to write a book.  I play Dungeons and Dragons (DnD).  I get to put on an accent, have magic powers, all sorts of things. I love food, especially Asian food! Ah, and Japan.  I am very eclectic!

Tell us about your derby name. I have always loved stars, they fascinate me. Most of my tattoos have stars, I even have one named after me (best present ever), DnD and sci-fi shows like Star Wars are my jam. So, when filling in that little section on the insurance paperwork, I combined my loves and that is how my original name became STARRY KNIGHTMARE.  It was abbreviated to Starry so much that when I returned to derby I thought time for a new name. I rocked up at my new league and the first person to recognise me was all “Hey STARRY!” so it was with me again.

What’s the story behind your number? My original number used to match my name. It was 574R, so it said ‘star’ in leet. When I returned to derby, letters weren’t allowed anymore so I went for 85, the year I was born.

How did you discover roller derby? Way back when I was a member of the 501st Legion (a group who dress up as the bad guys from Star Wars) the head of the group had a lovely partner who was very into this new sport called roller derby! She convinced me I would love it. I went skating with my brothers the night before my first training session, stacked it of course, and took the skin off both my knees! I then spent the first month of my training with scabby knees – not fun! In the end it was totally worth it though.

How long have you been with DPR? I joined with DPR at the end of the 2015 season.

What skating experience did you have when you joined? My first league was WA Roller Derby, but I have also skated at Perth Roller Derby, Perth Mens Derby, Swan City Derby and Perth Junior Roller Derby over the years.

What do you love about DPR… what keeps you here? DPR is a place that is accepting of everyone. It welcomes, it supports and it cherishes its members. DPR is a family and it is simply a nice place to be! We have fun!

Favourite derby moment so far? I love the way it makes me feel. I am free on skates. I can be strong, I can be fierce and I can be ME! A little pleasure of mine was the only derby award I have ever received – it was WAY back in 2011, we did a Wizard of Oz themed bout called Pivot of Oz and I received a witch's hat as ‘Most Feared’ on track.

Biggest obstacle you’ve overcome? I am VERY shy. So team sports are harder for me! It pushes me out of my comfort zone to do any team sport. I am so lucky that DPR are inviting and lovely as a whole and have made me feel very comfortable. I also have ADHD so keeping focused can be hard for me, but luckily this fast paced sport is perfect for someone who is always chasing the... oh wait was that a squirrel? Jammer, I meant to say jammer!

What advice do you have for a new skater? Have FUN!