Age: I think my derby number gives it away. (Hint: I'm not 84)

Occupation: Senior Community Coordinator (Disability)

Non-derby hobbies:  Just the typical Aussie.  Spending time with family and friends, enjoying the outdoors, the beach, live music and alcohol. Wait, I probably shouldn’t say that drinking booze is a hobby…

Tell us about your derby name.  Just a play on my actual name, Rebecca.  Wanted Wrecking Brawl but it was taken.  I do like to hit the opposition hard.  As a jammer, I like to go straight for the pack and hit it hard, and as a blocker I like to go straight for the jammer and hit them hard... that way they remember my name!

What’s the story behind your number? No story. It just reminds me how old I am!

How did you discover roller derby? Like everyone, I loved watching Whip It and my best friend kept pushing me to give it a go. (Shout out to Memphis!) I’d played netball all my life and it just was not fulfilling my desires to F shit up!

How long have you been with DPR? I joined DPR at the end of 2016, but have only been around for 2 years as I had to sit 2018 out.

What skating experience did you have when you joined?  I skated socially back when I was in primary school… if that counts?  Other than that, no experience.

What do you love about DPR… what keeps you here? I'm sure all of us would agree that it's the people and culture at this club that makes it so great. All of us are unique and special in our own way, but we make up this big skate family that all share the same qualities of being kind, respectful and supportive to all. It is great going to training and having people actually laugh at my stupid jokes because they have to be nice!

Favourite derby moment so far? The first bout is always one that you will remember.  Getting told you've passed assessments and made the team is the best feeling, the hard work and training has finally paid off.  I'd have to say playing against the Rockabellas later that year was a very memorable moment. That took months of planning and fundraising to get team Adelaide over, so when it all came together on the night it was epic. That was also the first time I had family and friends come watch.

Biggest obstacle you’ve overcome?  Actually getting up the courage to walk into this club by myself and be like heeeyyy, do you mind if I give this a go and join in. I'm fine with meeting new people, in fact I love meeting new people, but I'd seen the photos... derby girls can be very intimidating! Don't let those tattoos and angry eyes fool you though... they are all big softies. Except for Slam, she's still kind of intimidating!

What advice do you have for a new skater? Just do it.  You've thought about going along and trying this out so many times but always put it off. Don’t do that anymore, just turn up and find out how much fun we all have on and off the track. You will make friends for life.  Also, don't leave your gear in your case in the boot of your car during the summer months without airing it out!